The Alachua County Arts Council (ACAC) serves as a resource for local artists and arts agencies, including all municipalities, throughout Alachua County. The Arts Council prepares applications for state and federal grants and re-grants eligible grants to local artists and local arts agencies. It prepares applications for eligible state and federal grants to provide enhanced resources for local artists and local arts agencies and educates and advocates at the state and federal level on issues affecting the arts.

The Council also promotes and facilitates the inclusion of art into an established process that connects artists, partners, and communities for the purpose of enhancing the vitality of the County. The ACAC is responsible for oversight, administration, and promotion of Art Tag proceeds and Local Arts Agency dedicated funding. It develops an inclusive strategic plan for County-wide arts and cultural assets that are reviewed and updated annually and reports annually, or as necessary, to the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners on the goals and accomplishments of the ACAC.

See current open call to artists: Fire Rescue Themed Mural.

Alachua County Arts Council, Administration Building

12 SE 1st Street, Second Floor, Grace Knight Conference Room
1st Monday of each Month​
5:30 PM

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