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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How many artists are using the platform?

Registration is not required to use the platform and apply to any of the open calls. Therefore, the number of our users is not limited be featured artists only and is rapidly growing. We have developed an easy application process for artists. Thus, we have increased the number of submissions. With five years of experience in public art production and networking, we have established relationships with over 3,000 artists and reach out to particular groups directly (e.g. sculptors, muralists, etc). Moreover, we promote open calls on social media using boosted posts. Consequently, we gain new users from all over the world.

How can I register/login?

Again, registration is not required to use the platform and apply to any of the open calls. We eliminated artist registration and login for several reasons. First, we are trying to save artists time and avoid creating new accounts. Second, security is one of our top priorities.

However, we encourage applying as a featured artist. We create artist portfolio pages that display additional information about their work and experience. We securely store images/resumes to streamline submissions and increase artists’ productivity.  We check and verify every artist and feature only professionals with experience who can execute good work. All edits are done by our web administrators. Please, submit your form via the link below to be considered:

Become Featured Artist

Where can I find the portfolios of the featured artists?

Featured artists are visible to art administrators and clients only. Your profile, however, can be found by your name on Google Search. Your friends and clients will see your page if you share the link. Feel free to use it as your portfolio for other projects! Artist pages allow showing images, one video on YouTube or Vimeo, biography, location, and other information. Art administrators can also leave a review for an artist.

How do you usually work with artists?

Typical projects usually are published by the government or private entities and have particular requirements to apply, such as submitting images, resume, and reference list. The artist’s application process is always free. We provide software for art administrators that allows them to score artist submissions based on their criteria and select finalists. We advocate simple applications that do not require submitting any files, but only basic information in the first round. Thus, artists that do not fit in will not have to spend time preparing paperwork.

Note, that artists who have a portfolio page at Monochronicle can use only a link to the page to apply (all the information needed for art administrators is already on their page). See the screenshot below:


Are you a fabricator?

We do nat fabricate artworks by ourselves but we work closely with local full-service custom fabrication firms. Contact us if you are looking for ways to turn your design into a sculpture: at

Do you take a percentage from projects?

We don’t take any commission from any project. Artists can negotiate with private clients directly. We only charge clients for listings (publishing their projects on the site). Upon request, we provide additional services organizing the production (usually for international artists) to save your time. We communicate with clients, prepare contracts, organize logistics and hospitality, rent equipment, buy paint and materials, provide liability insurance, and process payments. In this case, we take 20% of the total budget. Such services can be requested regardless of which platform was used to find a project. Other services include help with grant writing and other consulting.

Do the artists get paid directly by the clients or through Monochronicle?

Directly from the clients. We can process payments if requested by artists. In this case, fees will be negotiated.

Once a client chooses an artist, do they reach out to the artist directly or Monochronicle takes over?

Usually, the communication between organizations and artists is direct. We provide the software and often are not aware of selected finalists and winners. Some projects, however, request us to manage communication for their convenience. We try to keep the artist updated on the process and are happy to answer any questions related to the platform functionality via contact form.