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Artist Services
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Artist Services

Thank you for using Monochronicle. We support our featured artists by providing free advice on portfolios, project applications, and career development. We can apply for an open call on your behalf or offer collaboration as part of the paid membership. If you need help executing a project, contact us for more information.  Monochronicle is an artist-centered platform. We value your feedback and suggestions!


Project Management
/Per Project
You are an international artist and need to execute a public art project in the USA. We can help you with the O-1 nonimmigrant visa, equipment rental, product selection, communication, and logistics.


Artist Member
/Per Year
You want to save time on applying for public art projects and keep your portfolio up to date. We represent and promote our member artists, and invite them to private events and collaborations.


Leads and Deals
/Finder's Fees
You have a great idea but limited time or experience in executing a project. We will connect you with industry experts, fabricators, grant writers, and clients or make a deal for you.