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Monochronicle, an arts service organization and software company, is offering an exciting internship opportunity. We are seeking motivated individuals with a passion for technology, public art, and all aspects of doing business. This internship will provide hands-on experience in business development, data analysis, blockchain and AI technologies, marketing and communication, and sales. Contact us for more information.


What interested me in Monochronicle was that it is a Gainesville-based startup specializing in mural installations. I have always loved art and have seen many murals right outside of campus. However, while interning I found it interesting being able to combine both my technical and artistic knowledge. I was able to learn more technical skills while also executing an art initiative. Overall, I really enjoyed being able to gain more experience in UX/UI design, Marketing, and Database systems!
Phoebe Wright (Tampa), rising junior majoring in Information Systems with a minor in Digital Arts and Sciences, University of Florida

What I found interesting about Monochronicle was its purpose. When I was initially looking for an internship, I was focusing too much on companies that directly dealt with technology. What I didn’t consider is that most companies typically need at least a functioning website regardless of their purpose. It was interesting to learn about Monochronicle’s unique goal of aligning artists with “blank walls” while simultaneously learning new skills (e.g., WordPress, PHP, etc.) as well as enhancing old ones (e.g., HTML, CSS, etc.)
Joshua Bautista (Orlando), rising senior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics, University of Florida

My interest lies in the intersection between art and business and the interdisciplinary nature inherent in both fields. I was most interested in discovering novel street artists from all around the world when doing data collection and in researching a mode of classification for the various styles and forms of street art, as no standardized method existed previously! Monochronicle has helped me apply my passion for art with the practicalities and opportunities offered by business fields.
Annabel Severns (Gainesville), rising senior majoring in Art History with a minor in Business Administration, University of Florida