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High-Quality Artworks

We understand the challenges project managers and architects face in finding the right artists for public art initiatives. Why reinvent the wheel? We provide all-inclusive services from conceptual design collaboration to artist selection, and execution. Our public art software and production company satisfies the critical needs of designers, developers, and governments by providing access to a curated network of talented artists, streamlined processes and tools, guidance on incorporating new programs, and expertise in community engagement.

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Time-Efficient Services

Monochronic means, essentially, “doing one thing at a time.”  Time is tangible and highly valuable. Chronicle is a factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence.  Monochronicle is a concept of a time-efficient platform that simplifies interactions between artists, administrators, and property owners while focusing on every client’s unique needs. We collect, analyze, and implement information about public art initiatives and international best practices to foster industry development.

Multidisciplinary Creatives

We work with international public artists that create murals, sculptures, pavement art, mosaics, interventions, classical graffiti, LED installations, and video projections. We connect you with artists directly or manage projects for you.

Public and Private Markets

We develop, produce, and promote outstanding public art projects with the goals of beautification, innovation, and raising awareness for the positive social presence of a brand. We serve local art agencies, businesses, and consumers. 

Best Practices in Placemaking

We promote equal opportunities and inclusion in the artist selection process. We operate a competitive database, conduct quantitative analysis (statistics, demographics, patterns), follow trends, and recommend solutions.  
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Site-Specific Public Art

Monochronicle was established in 2015 as a mural production company that transformed empty walls of Gainesville, FL into masterpieces highlighted by international media. In 2021, we’ve moved from individual projects to a global market as a multi-media public art platform that implements UX design, research, and advanced technology. Become a member and unlock the potential of your public art programs, creating engaging experiences that resonate with your community.

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