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InLight Digital Art & Light Festival

InLight Digital Art & Light Festival
April 24-26, 2024, Gainesville, FL 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an unprecedented digital art and light festival. InLight promises to be a beacon of creativity and innovation, offering immersive art installations, interactive video walls, projection mapping, state-of-the-art holograms, and Augmented Reality (AR) among other digital art forms. Designed to illuminate the mind and inspire the soul, InLight will transform Gainesville into a colorful spectacle of light and technology, showcasing the transformative power of art in public spaces.

Scheduled to take place from April 24-26, 2024, this immersive event is perfectly timed to coincide with the 26th annual Florida Association of Public Art Professionals (FAPAP) Conference and April’s Art Walk. This event is set against the backdrop of in-depth discussions on the latest trends, challenges, and best practices in public art, making it a pivotal moment for cultural enrichment and professional development in Gainesville’s art scene. Don’t miss this extraordinary event that promises to enlighten, entertain, and inspire.  

Highlight of the Conference: Public Art 101: Learn New Tools to Connect

One of the key features of this year’s conference is the complimentary session that is open to the public titled “Public Art 101: Learn New Tools to Connect,” taking place on Wednesday, April 24, from 9:30 to 11:15 AM at the Hyatt Place Gainesville Downtown Horizon Room 2nd floor, 212 SE 1st St, Gainesville, FL. Community members in government roles, artists, administrators, or curious life learners are all encouraged to attend.  This session promises to offer participants an in-depth look at the public art process, covering essential aspects such as project discovery, call for art responses, proposal crafting, and collaboration with fabricators.

The session will be moderated by Elizabeth Young, Executive Director of the Florida Keys Council of the Arts. Panel discussions will include insights from a distinguished group of professionals, including Colette Mello, Art Curator at Florida International University; Laura Atria, Public Art & Artist in Residence Program Manager at the City of Pompano Beach; Lee Modica, an independent consultant; and Susann D’Antonio, Chair of Monroe County AIPP, Florida Keys Council of the Arts.

Interactive Video Wall

  • Artist: Charles Alan Rye, Energy Science Unlimited
    Lighting Designer & Producer. More Info: Charles Alan Rye Profile
  • Dates & Time: April 24-26, All Day
  • Location: Hyatt Place Lobby, 212 SE 1st St, Gainesville, FL

This digital canvas will respond to the presence and movements of viewers, allowing for a dynamic interaction between the artwork and its audience. Each interaction will trigger changes in the imagery, making the audience an integral part of the art itself.

Hologram Kiosk Experience

  • Artist: Jay Rosen
    Artist & Developer. More Info: Jay Rosen Profile
  • Dates & Time: April 24-26: 8-10 PM outside the Hyatt Place hotel on the corner (in front of the Hippodrome Theater).

Cutting-edge holographic displays will bring the impossible to life, creating three-dimensional images that float in mid-air. These holograms can depict abstract art forms, lifelike figures, or narrative scenes that viewers can walk around and view from different angles.

Projection Mapping

  • Artist: Jacob Case & Tyler Hale, Eclectic Electric
    Designer & Fabricator
  • Dates & Time: April 24: 8-10 PM at Hyatt Place Pool; April 26: 8-10 PM outside of the Hippodrome Theater, 25 SE 2nd Pl, Gainesville, FL

Utilizing the architecture, projection mapping will transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary visual experiences. Concrete walls, architecture and the water will serve as canvases for 3D video projections that play with depth, motion, and perspective.

LED Cube Installation

  • Artist: Charles Alan Rye, Energy Science Unlimited
    Lighting Designer & Producer
  • Dates & Time:  April 24-26: 8-10 PM outside the Hyatt Place hotel on the corner (in front of the Hippodrome Theater).

A 3D volumetric display that draws the viewer into an experience surrounded by thousands of LED neurons. By arranging strings of tiny lights into a grid pattern with individual control of each LED neuron, displaying a three-dimensional form becomes possible.

Interested in digital arts?

Imagine enhancing your home, office, or public space with digital artworks. Share your project's specifics with us, including a snapshot of the location, along with your objectives and estimated budget. Our team will promptly reach out to you with tailored suggestions and solutions. Let's bring your vision to reality!

InLight is directed and produced by Monochronicle. Funded in part by Visit Gainesville, Alachua County. For further information and the press release, please get in touch with us. Follow the event page on Facebook.