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We accept useful, informative content that fulfills the needs of our public art audience. That may include opportunities for artists or art administrators.

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What is Sponsored Content?

In the realm of modern marketing, ‘sponsored content’ has become a critical tool for connecting brands with their target audience in an authentic and engaging manner. This term refers to premium content that a sponsor pays a publisher, influencer, or brand to create and share. Sponsored content blends seamlessly with the existing content on a webpage, providing a non-disruptive advertising experience.

Sponsored content is most engaging when strategically paired with a company or influencer who already targets your core audience and discusses topics aligned with your brand. When executed correctly, any mention of your brand feels like a natural fit, integrating harmoniously within the platform rather than being an invasive advertisement.  Audiences should not feel like they have been exposed to a blatant advertisement. Instead, sponsored content should leave them feeling informed and engaged. This approach makes your brand appear more credible, memorable, and, most importantly, trustworthy.

Sponsored Content in the World of Public Art

In the world of public art, sponsored content holds immense potential for artists, art administrators, and sponsors to collaborate and create meaningful engagements. This collaboration allows for the creation and dissemination of content that not only showcases the beauty of public art but also educates and engages the audience.

Imagine a sponsored content piece highlighting a public art installation in a city, funded by a corporate sponsor passionate about promoting arts and culture. Do you have a special offer or discount for artists? This kind of content seamlessly blends into our platform, reaching artists and potential supporters in an authentic and engaging manner.

Act Now and Make a Difference!

You can actively contribute to promoting public art by placing a sponsored content piece in Monochronicle network. For a payment of $200, your organization can reach a wide audience of the public art community. For articles that require research and interviews, we charge $400. This investment not only showcases your brand but also helps foster industry development. Place your order today and contact us to discuss how we can collaborate and feature your story in our articles or newsletter. Let’s amplify the beauty of public art together!


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