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Transform your business into a local landmark and boost your online presence with captivating murals, sculptures, LED lights, or other artistic installations. Witness the power of public art as it draws in visitors, generate social media buzz, and leaves a lasting impression. Take inspiration from the renowned “Wynwood Walls” in Miami, FL, a thriving hub for artists and a globally recognized art destination. In fact, the Wynwood Business Improvement District 2020 report highlighted the staggering impact of attracting 5 million annual visitors! Unlike Wynwood Walls, we offer you a unique opportunity to directly connect with talented artists and negotiate the best deal for your commercial property. Simply submit a form providing information about your property, and we’ll take care of publishing your project. Our user-friendly pages are optimized for SEO, ensuring high visibility on Google.

Unparalleled artist database

With over 6 years of experience in mural production, we have vetted an exceptional database of world-class muralists, sculptors, graphic and light designers. We go the extra mile by actively promoting your projects to relevant artists at no additional cost. Our database provides comprehensive information, offering deep insights into the project’s environment and scale. It includes images, videos, maps, floor plans, requirements, and even immersive 3D virtual tours!

Assistance with artist selection processes

Experience the advantages of involving an impartial mediator to assist with your artist selection processes. At Monochronicle, our team serves as an independent agency, offering a range of benefits that contribute to the credibility, objectivity, and public perception of the selection process. By engaging our services, you can instill confidence in the fairness and integrity of the entire process, not only among artists but also among stakeholders and the broader public.

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  1. David Edwards

    When Monochronicle approached the Grove Street Neighborhood for a creation of a mural, we were more than happy to comply with whatever requirements were needed for the grant that facilitated the creation of this mural. We submitted pictures and ideas of what we felt were the historical highlights of this blue-collar, middle-class neighborhood that has weathered many political and sustainability storms. Monochronicle released a call for artists and introduced us to Case Maclaim and his wife, Samira, world-renowned urban artists whose talent and kindness have already graced many walls around the world. We were pleasantly surprised when the artists brought poetry as the unifying theme. Thus, when the closing lines of Kay’s poem “A bird made of birds”, TED Talks Daily, 21 Jun 2019, became the inspiration that unified Dreamers Garden, the Grove Street Neighborhood, and, our long-standing efforts for the stabilization and restoration of the neighborhood, we were pleased. Our neighborhood is very proud of the “hands with the open fig” image that has transformed the metal building at 400 NW 10th Avenue. Case’s art is now part of our neighborhood’s artistic legacy. At this moment, he is in South Florida preparing another wall for the Miami Art Week and Art Basel 2021 Show in early December. Maria Huff Edwards, Grove Street Neighborhood.

  2. Kim Kirby

    Our once neglected Industrial neighborhood was first transformed by the arduous dedication of Maria Huff Edwards, and her vision to bring beautiful landscaping to the Grove Street neighborhood. And, in addition, a community garden that proved to be the envy of all the community gardens within our city. With the addition of this outstanding mural, it is not only an eye catcher, but a reason to pause, and be grateful for the things one might take for granted. And the colors that were chosen for this particular mural are so very vibrant and deep, rich, warm, and striking. I take a turn around every day just to absorb those colors and allow it’s aura to seep into my consciousness as a reminder of the beauty that resides in the gift of ones abilities.

  3. GUILE

    A simple idea turned into a glorious massive and tangible reality. When we decided to open a place (Squire’s of Gainesville) for friends and locals to gather and create memories, we knew we wanted something special to encompass that idea. Monochronicle made it possible to have a majestic mural in the middle of our up-and-coming neighborhood. I am extremely happy that, within a short amount of time, Monochronicle (handled personally by Iryna) was able to bring this project to fruition. This mural represents the life-long journey of an outstanding woman who dedicated her life to beautifying this neighborhood. This mural will be the physical representation of her relentless love for Grove Street. Thank you Chase for turning an old wall into a depiction of love. And thank you again Iryna for connecting all the dots to make this happen.

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