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Closed - Brickell Balcony Mural

Miami, Florida


Closed - Brickell Balcony Mural

Property ID : BRICKELL
Created: May 21, 2024 Last Update: June 18, 2024 Print

Are you a muralist currently in Miami looking for a quick project? We have a small west-facing balcony wall in the heart of Brickell, Miami. This balcony offers breathtaking sunset views, making it an ideal spot for a vibrant, tropical-themed mural that captures the essence of Miami’s unique atmosphere. See the video attached to this page for the context of the space and size.

What We’re Looking For:

  • An artist who can create a mural that embodies tropical energy and complements the sunset views and the natural beauty of the surroundings.
  • Open to unique interpretations and creative visions that harmonize with the balcony’s surroundings.

The desired artistic style for the mural is:

  1. Bright and Vivid Colors: The use of rich, saturated hues that stand out and bring energy to the space.
  2. Nature Elements: Depictions of flora and fauna, particularly tropical birds, flowers, and animals, creating a lively and lush atmosphere.
  3. Dynamic Composition: A composition that feels full and lively, with various elements intertwining and overlapping to create depth and interest.
  4. Detailed and Stylized Imagery: The artworks are detailed yet stylized, with a clear, illustrative quality that enhances the visual appeal.
  5. Tropical and Exotic Vibes: The overall feel is one of tropical beauty, evoking the essence of a lush, vibrant paradise.

These elements combine to create a mural that not only enhances the space but also captures the spirit of the tropics, making it a focal point that complements the stunning sunset views of the balcony.

Submission Guidelines:

Please submit a brief proposal outlining your concept for the mural, including examples of your previous work via the form below. Attach a link to your online portfolio or social media showcasing your art. Submissions are open until June 15.


The artist will be paid $600 directly by the property owner.

  • Eligibility: All artists who have prior experience with visual art design, graphic design, digital art, or public art.
  • Deadline: June 15, 2024
Additional Information
Address: 185 SW 7th Street, Miami, FL 33130
City: Miami
Area: Brickell
Zip: 33130
State: Florida
Country: United States
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Miami River

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