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Our Production

Closed - Grove Street Art and Design Thinking in Public Art

Gainesville, Florida

$5,000.00 Total Budget
800Sq Ft
Our Production

Closed - Grove Street Art and Design Thinking in Public Art

$5,000.00 Total Budget
Property ID : GSN2021
Created: September 21, 2021 Last Update: July 6, 2023 Print
800Sq Ft

What’s special about public art is that it is made for people. But do we really ask people or research their needs before placing an artwork near their homes? Marketing departments of every corporation spend big funds on figuring out what their customers want. They observe them, ask questions, and provide samples to learn how they feel. This mural project applied a similar approach to understanding a local community and producing an artwork that really reflects the spirit of the location and creates a unique sense of place and identity.


  • Site-specific research. Take into consideration architecture, traffic, culture, and surrounding fluid dynamics.
  • Support underserved sites. Public art’s inner purpose is to serve the public, including those in poor/not popular neighborhoods.
  • Develop empathy. Design thinking is an organized way of approaching a problem by asking the right questions of both project stakeholders (property and business owners, organizers, artists) and people residing nearby, followed by a process of ideation in order to arrive at a successful solution.
  • Identify alternatives.  Alternative strategies and solutions that are not instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding. More details about the process will be provided.

About the project

This property is situated in the up-and-coming Grove Street neighborhood. Kerouac’s seminal work “On The Road” has been read aloud in the Dreamers Garden across the street. Gainesville’s oldest still-standing home (1854), the Bailey House, is right around the corner on Sixth Street. Very much old Gainesville neighborhood these days described as “hip,” “Bohemian,” “happening”, and “trendy” – according to the Gainesville Sun.

An internationally accomplished artist, Case Maclaim, was selected through the Monochronicle platform and invited to produce the mural project. The “Design Thinking” approach was applied through communication with the local community and observation of the environment. As a result of interviewing various people in the neighborhood, we realized that every topic or idea is somehow connected to one person – Maria Huff Edwards. She is a community leader that is actively involved in many kinds of volunteering and community support. Everyone knows her as she established a community garden and keeps planting trees at vacant places for free. We decided that Maria will perfectly represent the spirit of the Grove Street Neighborhood and truly deserves to be depicted on the mural. The “Design Thinking” processes can help us systematically extract, teach, learn, and apply human-centered techniques and improve our creative process of mural design and installation.

This project was funded by the Florida Department of State’s grant.


  • Experience: submit one image of your previous work
Additional Information
Address: 400 NW 10th Ave
City: Gainesville
Zip: 32601
State: Florida
Country: United States
What's Nearby
Cypress & Grove (Brewing Company)
Dreamers Garden (Community Garden)
Bailey House (Gainesville’s oldest still-standing home (1854))

Agent Information


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How can we implement a groundbreaking public art program, form a diverse lineup of the world’s best muralists, and ensure support from the community? We have developed innovative programming in the…

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Artist Information

Case Maclaim

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Case Maclaim, aka Andreas von Chrzanowski, a founding member of the renowned Ma'Claim Crew has been a photorealism pioneer for over two decades, primarily using the medium of spray paint…

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