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Quiz Game

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Take our quiz to discover your unique style and the best fit for your project. With all the inspiration out there in the streets and on social media, uncovering your style can be overwhelming. Our fast and free quiz will help you identify your preferred genre and better understand your goals. You will see results immediately, without any registration or contact information.

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How much do you know about public art?

What best describes you?

What’s the goal of your project?

We know you want to beautify the space. How about strategic goals?

What is your timeline?

When do you need the project to be done?

What is your process of the artist selection?

How many people are involved in decision-making?

What is your budget?

How much are you willing to spend?

Which mural appeals to you most?

Pick one!

What if you had a choice of many?

Decisions are hard. Pick as many favorite murals as you want.

Who is the artist?

Who do you think painted this mural?